Saturday, June 2, 2012

Strive Today Wristbands!

My family is planning on going to Disneyland in July. My parents got our tickets online from
and the package came with 4 of these Strive Today bands. The website & many reviews say it can:
  • Increase strength and stamina
  •  Help with balance
  •  Improve flexibility and range of motion
  •  Diminish tension and stress
  •  Improve concentration
  •  Improve sleep
  •  Reduce motion/sea sickness and jet lag
The website says that it has negatively charged ions that help to harmonize your body with your environment. These bands are pretty pricey, but they are worth it. They also have many colors! My siblings and I wear them all the time now. In fact Brenden wore them for his second day of soccer tryouts and he did better than he did on the first day. He made it to the "B" team in which he didn't make last year. These wristbands really work. Go to the website to read the reviews!


  1. Love your blog girlie. Keep posting

    1. Ha! Saw the youngest of the extended Hodges Fam in some pictures! To think that I used to be that size. Infant to High School, time went by so fast! Before you know it he will be in High School! Can't wait for Nana's week!
      PS tell Byron to visit Bren's blog, its called The Zookeeper
      :) TTYL